Shorty Fixed 96mm

Product Code:     SH

The Shorty Fixed has a shortened comfort baffle to the front of the bezel reducing glare whilst maximising use of available light, all the while reducing the overall void depth of the product - ideal for any project where ceiling void spaces are limited. The overall dimensions allow it to fit in a void of only 82mm.

The Detail range took a large amount of care and attention to get exactly right (including 0.7mm baffle) so that every bezel looks ‘discrete and light’ in the ceiling. The result is a stunning product that integrates beautifully into any lighting design.

Combined with our unique QUAD LED engine, this luminaire is an excellent example of original British design and engineering.

Shorty Fixed


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Shorty Fixed Shorty Fixed


Datasheet - Shorty Fixed 96mm
Installation Datasheet - SH
TM-30-15 Engine Data

Wiring Diagram - 2 Lights Per Driver (0-10V and DALI Only)
Installation - Standard Emergency Mains
Installation - Standard Emergency DALI
Installation - Standard Emergency 0-10V
Installation - DALI Addressable Emergency DALI
Installation - Self Test Emergency Mains
Installation - Self Test Emergency DALI
Installation - Self Test Emergency 0-10V
LDT - 10DEG Recessed - 10°
LDT - QUAD50 Recessed - 20°
LDT - QUAD70 Recessed - 20°
LDT - QUAD90 Recessed - 20°
LDT - QUAD50 Recessed - 30°
LDT - QUAD70 Recessed - 30°
LDT - QUAD90 Recessed - 30°
LDT - QUAD50 Recessed - 46°
LDT - QUAD70 Recessed - 46°
LDT - QUAD90 Recessed - 46°
LDT - 10DEG-C Recessed - 10°
LDT - QUAD50-C Recessed - 20°
LDT - QUAD70-C Recessed - 20°
LDT - QUAD50-C Recessed - 30°
LDT - QUAD70-C Recessed - 30°
LDT - QUAD50-C Recessed - 46°
LDT - QUAD70-C Recessed - 46°

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TM-30-15 Rf 90 Rg 98
95CRI Engines

  Quad50-C Quad70-C 10Degree-C
Lumens* 684lm 962lm 544lm
Lumens/cw 75 84 62
Circuit Watts 9.2W 11.4W 8.8W
CRI 95 95 95
Beam Angles 20º/30º/46º 20º/30º/46º 10º
Fire-Rated Option Option Option
IP65 Option Option Option


85 CRI Engines

  Quad50 Quad70 Quad90 10Degree
Lumens* 696lm 948lm 1249lm 544lm
Lumens/cw 76 83 110 62
Circuit Watts 9.2W 11.4W 11.4W 8.8W
CRI 85 85 85 85
Beam Angles 20º/30º/46º 20º/30º/46º 20º/30º/46º 10º
Fire-Rated Option Option Option Option
IP65 Option Option Option Option

*Delivered lumens post optic and post reflector


Red, Typical 87
Red values for LEDs can be misleading. Typically an LEDs ability to render red tones sucessfully is only based upon the CRI R9 value, this reference colour is a single tone of red. TM30 measures 99 colours, of which 12 are red tones. Orluna shows the typical value for these 12 red values as its measuremnt for red rendering quality.

Looking for the intense sparkle produced by a multi-point light source combined into a single, brilliant beam? Then look no further.

Our patented mixing chamber pairs a metalised reflector with a prismatic glass lens to mimic the stunning effect achieved with halogen dichroic. We are not aware of any other product in the market which achieves this, making our products well-known for their sparkle.

Colour consistency
Our colour temperature consistency is guaranteed to be less than a young human eye can differentiate. At 1.5 MacAdam ellipse our consistency is the best available in the market – including remote phosphor products.

Making it simple
To make choosing Orluna even simpler, our range is entirely modular so all our light engines work with all our bezels – specifying has never been easier!

All the products in our range (excluding only the Recessed Square bezel) are available with an independent 60 minute fire-rating.

All products are IP44 as a minimum. All our fixed baffle products are available with IP65 rating.

Bespoke bezels and finishes
As a UK manufacturing business, bespoke products and finishes are available. For example, whilst all products come with a light textured white powder-coat paint as standard, any bezel or baffle is available in any RAL.  Most products are also available in brushed and polished chrome as well as anodised finishes depending on bezel material.

Low void installations
A low-void heatsink option is available – please see dimension drawing above for clearance measurements.

Shorty Fixed
Shorty Fixed