Brilliant dimmers

How low can you go?

We make absolutely sure our dimmers work exactly as they should, with incredibly low light levels as standard. Most of our competitors’ dimmers go down to around 10% of their full output; ours goes down to just 0.1%, a massive difference that always impresses end customers. The result has no buzzing whatsoever, no flicker (even on just one light), and low output from the start (not just dimming down).

Control systems
Orluna’s focussed range means that we use the same drivers for all our bezels. When it comes to compatibility we never just take a supplier’s word; instead we sign-off a control system only after we’ve seen it working perfectly with own eyes.

DALI and drivers
All our lights can use DALI and 0-10 (to specify just add 0-10 on the order code).

Mains rotary dimming switch
We embraced mains LED dimming back in 2009 as it helped contractors reduce costs and deliver truly low level dimming. Recently we’ve developed and released our own rotary dimmer insert that fits directly into all standard UK faceplates. We calibrate and test every one in our factory before dispatch, so we guarantee performance. Click here to see which faceplates our dimmer fits.