Light unlimited

Expertly focussed on exceptional products

Product design is where our mantra of “expertly focussed” really comes into its own. By keeping things simple, manufacturing in the UK, doing one thing at a time and doing it incredibly well we take the stress out of specifying.

Light engine
Our QUAD50 light engines have been running 24 hours a day for eight years in a number of British Airways Business Class suites. This extreme reliability is the result of the many incremental improvements we’ve built into our product that come together to create something special.

Dichroic sparkle mixing chamber
We’re one of the very few manufacturers to build our own custom designed, patent pending mixing chamber. Paired with our glass prismatic lens it creates light with the colour consistency of diffuse remote phosphor technology combined with the richness of halogen lights.

Our mini range is wonderfully compact. And because it uses our proven QUAD50 and QUAD70 light modules it sacrifices nothing in terms of performance.

All our products are guaranteed to work perfectly with each other, so you avoid the problems associated with integrating products from multiple manufacturers.