Better by design

No one does lighting better

For us, innovation means expertly focussing on one issue at a time to find the best possible solution. The results speak for themselves.

For example, our patented quadroptic reflector, combined with our multipoint LED, generates a genuinely blended beam of light with a sparkling texture that brings interiors to life.

We believe we are the only major UK lighting company to offer genuine 1/16th binning, which means that any colour variation in our LEDs falls well below the level a human eye can detect.

We’re also the only people to offer guaranteed mains dimming. We couldn’t find a mains rotary dimmer insert that worked every time, so we created our own and check the performance of each unit ourselves.

We also offer a true 10 degrees LED thanks to a lens we sourced from a German medical supplier, and our revolutionary new patent pending fireplates are far easier for contractors to install than the cumbersome bag system they replace.

Orluna has its own patented and unique fire-plate system – a system to allow fire-rating yet maintain heat dissipation properties.